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>> going to see part one. that's what's making news in america. >> stay with us for "go >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> while you are asleep, new developments developed in the sex tunnel involving cia director. overnight they searched the home of his mistress as you learn in other military official is being brought into the investigation. good morning. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynné simpson. >> a wet start. some rain coming down. light rain, a little heavier up towards marten's fur in hagerstown.
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81 is about the cut off. but it is going to stick with those were the better part of the morning before we cool off. you can see were the cold front lies. 43 in petersburg. 46 and culpeper. 48 in the district. our temperatures not budging a whole lot throughout the day. we will see rain. but threat to the afternoon we should try things up and see some sunshine. the cooler weather sticking around. more details in just a little bit. a first from the belfort furniture weather center we will see how traffic is moving. >> bayview we will take a look year. a lot of the road were cleared a lot of what pavement around the beltway no accidents or incidents and no road work being picked up in the final stages. this is connecticut ave.
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we will head over to springfield as you head up 95 north on your left side of your screen de hov you can see bear, restrictions are back in effect after yesterday's holiday. and pretty good near dulles airport. route 28 moving smoothly. but keep in mind, with the rain e-mail to give yourself extra time. back to you. >> thank you very much. new details in the sex scandal involving the cia official. late monday night they the charlotte n.c., of his mistress. >> we have learned the pentagon is investigating another military official in the case. >> and a new twist, the pentagon now says that the top american commander in afghanistan donald john allen is under investigation for sending allegedly improper e-mails.
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kelly the florida woman that triggered the investigation that forced him to resign. they are reviewing between 20,000 and 30,000 documents involved. john allen denies any wrongdoing. agents by nearly five hours at the home of impala broadwell this after the fbi told abc news they discovered thousands of e- mails between her and him detailing the affair. >> and his universe this moral failing is unacceptable and renders them on worthy of continuing this position. >> you can do it for the summer. part of an fbi investigation that began after joe kelly received threatening e-mails she believed or from -- >> this caused them to take all
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the way through to see what they had a. >> basis yet classified material on your computer which is illegal. the fbi does not believe any of it came from him. no charges have been filed. controversy over how the investigation was conducted has engulfed washington. members of congress want to know why the fbi and the attorney general waited until this past wednesday to notify the white house. justice officials said there are no politics involved. rob nelson, abc news in new york. >> and other news congress will hold hearings on the deadly attack on united states consulate and then a gauzy libya. the will hold a closed door hearing on the attack that killed chris stevens and three other americans. they want to know what the obama administration knew and when. congress back from recess today because a >> blooming. a divided congress of the white
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house have until december 31 to reach a deal. experts say that could spark another recession. new this morning, a busy night for firefighters in northeast. >> the responded to an apartment fire in the 1700 block of benning road. we are told the fire started in the kitchen. >> and an arrest in a triple stabbing in the northeast. police say two finan juvenile and another juvenile or stabbed -- to a female juveniles. a shooting in the northeast in the 2000 block of c street. police say a man was shot. no far any arrests have been made. we are following several big court cases including the start of a trial for a bowie state
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university student accused of killing her roommate. >> alexis simpson is charged with allegedly stabbing dominique frazier. maryland bureau chief will be in the courtroom with reports on abc 7. >> errant thomas has agreed to plead guilty purities charged with adopting a three trek or treaters. he allegedly attacked multiple women and was arrested last year. >> kwame brown will be sentenced today and the federal bank fraud charge. madrid in june he lied to get a personal loan. he then resigned from office. he faces up to six months in jail but prosecutors say they
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are recommending a six days spread out over three weekends. would be followed by three years of supervised release. >> please investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. authorities say 46-year-old mary died after being hit by two vehicles as she tried to cross kenilworth avenue monday night. police said was not an across workcross walk. montgomery county police say% in aspen hill was struck on a georgia ave. the driver did say thepolice said the drivers stayed at the scene. >> the federal trade commission gives a google an ultimatum. >> and research in motion hoping it still has some blackberrys fans out there somewhere. good morning. >> good morning. research in motion the company behind the blackberry want to
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make sure they are still in the game. the plan to showcase the first two of their new smartphones on january 30 at and start selling them in february. this after multiple product delays. still they need a hit to help it compete with the iphone and droids. and google is under pressure from the federal trade commission to resolve its probe in the next few days. google is worth noting has been in discussions with the ftc for about two weeks. and has not been any remedy proposals on the table. this with the ongoing problem whether or not google is abusing its dominant over the internet. some lawmakers think that getting rid of air traffic control towers as a way to help people quit issue in washington. and also we have starbucks ticking off the holiday season with a buy one get one deal. all of that coming up. live at bloomberg headquarters, abc 7 news. >> i think that will be popular.
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it is 4:38. a school outside with the rain. a 45 degrees. >> a new way to wake up while visiting the latest news, weather and traffic. and you can get our new alarm clock
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>> we know it can be hard to wake up. especially if you have to be up at this early hour. we want to make things easier for you. >> this is courtesy of our new alarm clock iphone at. >> get out of bed. >> there is leon waking up. we have. tones. you can download this for free. >> and jacqui jeras, you can wake up to her in the morning. how're you doing? >> i am great. kind of a fun thing. it is free, why not? i thinking steve's might be my favorite. this morning you do want to get up a little early.
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a piece of the alarm clock or early because this point to be a little slow going with some of the rain out there. for the most part it is light rain, a little heavier near iad 181. we have picked up between a quarter of an inch. what did winchester, almost 1 inch. seven tenths of an inch at dulles. our temperatures this morning are cool but not cold. 48 in washington. and today we will warm up not a whole lot in fact. nearly steady temperature is between 47 and 55. but the sun will be out this afternoon. let us check on traffic. >> extra times a great idea. here we are at the american legion bridge. here we are on the beltway. this is what the beltway as looking like all round. no accidents or incidents. over to 270, a little bit of
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volume bit109 down to the truck scales -- a little bit of volume down to a 109. sprinkle looking good with the hov lanes open. up and howard county, be aware of an accident eastbound 100 near 29 along the right side. >> thank you. today a big day for the express lanes project and the capital beltway in northern virginia. >> bob mcdonnell and other state and local leaders will cut the ribbon on the roadway. the lands expected to open on saturday. you will have to pay a tall, it will vary depending on the traffic flow. fiddles with three or more passengers will not have to pay. coming up, we will speak live with the team member behind the project. all details ahead.
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right now it is 4:44, 45 degrees.
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>> d.c. schools chancellor set to unveil a new list of schools that could be closed. "washington post reports that they are targeting schools other underperforming or under
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enrolled. and a former employee at coolidge high school in northwest claims the school's principal and two others assaulted her earlier this month. according to a police report the woman says three women attacked her in a school parking lot after november 2 game. sources tell abc 7 that the principle is now on administrative leave while police investigate the incident. >> a man charged with two violent sexual assault upon -- has a preliminary hearing today. he is charged in a stabbing and attended sexual assaults at the rhode island row apartments in the northeast. and when the men charged in the beating of a man near eastern market is going to be heard today. fellow suspects were in court last week. the suspects stole his assault onm a credit card. aslin suffer a severe brain
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injury. >> >> under the current system there are two evenly stop 12 hour shifts. they said that does not work because the most serious calls come in between 7:00 a.m. and noon. underneath the system of the red be more people working a. take a look at this. police say the tractor-trailer overturned on to a pickup truck as it tried to negotiate a sharp curve. two people inside the pickup truck died at the scene. he is being held until as first court appearance. >> and some people plan to protest at george washington university because of a smoking
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ban. nearly 800 colleges and universities have now. bands in place on smoking. today's protest will be at 2:30 on a h street. >> 4:49 is your time. 44 degrees. >> and jeff gordon fines out as punishment for intentionally
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>> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. what start on this tuesday morning. the rain in very light across the eastern shore and into the district. to the west, a little bit heavier. coming down as much as an inch since last night. some of these red spots up around hagerstown, that is where we are getting some of those heavy showers and they will progress out to the east throughout the morning. check out some of the rain numbers. in centreville .88 inches. in germantown, 0.68. let us take a look at a couple more of those. there it is.
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fairfax, 0.64. spotsylvania 0.57. we have not had a good rain since sandy. 48 at reagan national. chilly 30's off to the west. a cold front is on the way. cloudy with rain and 47 at 9:00 a.m., by noon it may be a stray showers but we will clear out into the afternoon. temperatures is staying cool oilthroughout the day. >> here is a look of the 14th street bridge heading into the district everything looking good. pavement is wet. extra time needed. what commutes, you know how it gets. we will head over to 270, near 109. buy a home building past 109
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near the truck scales. -- volume of building a past 109. you can see traffic moving smoothly on connecticut avenue. the road work moved away when the rain came and. no last-minute road work to worry about. >> 4:55. in expect some of the district's biggest names to visit tonight's birthday bash for vincent gray. the fund-raiser will be held tonight from 6:30 to 8:30. >> new developments with the redskins. their groin to build an $9 million training camp location for the new team. passed by a 6-2 vote. the camp is expected to bring
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about $8.5 million into richmond each year. >> the postseason honors keep coming in for the national. >> first was solar sluggers, now bryce harper wins the national league rookie of the year. at 20-year-old the youngest player in the the lead. he wants to do more. >> my biggest goal is winning the world series. this is amazing to win this award and how this accolade. but i want to bring a title to the sea. that is our main goal as an organization as a team. >> got to love that attitude. mike from the angels won the rookie of the year award. two of the best rookies. >> jeff gordon has been fined $100,000 docked 25 points for intentionally wrecking clint
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during sunday's race and phoenix. gordon has been placed on probation through the end of the year. >> only one race left. >> tonight we are in for a double elimination on the dancing with the stars. >> it is melissa on top. >> she had a total of 99 points followed by shawn johnson and kelly, tied for third place. christie alley at the bottom. >> thousands of the twilight fans packed hollywood for the world premiere of the twilight stop breaking don apart two. the file film in the series supposedly. fans camped out for over one week for the chance to see their favorite actors out there. it is 4:57.
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>> still too,, a california teenager lucky to be
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